Molly and Rachel met on the HubSpot User Experience team in 2012.

Now, the UX Sisters eat, sleep and breathe UX research. This blog is a way for them to share the strategies, insights and laughs that have been, and are currently being, encountered on the job.

Molly Wolfberg

UX Researcher at Wistia

Molly is starting up user research at Wistia, where she hangs out with some betapugs. Before Wistia, Molly was doing user research with Rachel at HubSpot. She studied marketing & business at Emerson College but found passion in user experience through an internship back in the day. When she's not working, she's hiking with her dog, eating donuts and gallavanting around Boston & Cape Cod. 

Rachel Decker

UX Researcher at HubSpot

Rachel was the Senior UX Researcher at HubSpot for the past 3 years. She recently left to travel, write and eat. Before that she spent a year on the HubSpot Support team. She graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University with a B.A. in Astrophysics and from Brown University with a Master's degree in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship. When she's not doing UX, Rachel is painting on clouds, making liquid nitrogen ice cream, and having Molly teach her about Twitter.